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Our history

After having matured and thought about our project a lot, it was in this magnificent place that is Larmor-Baden that we decided to develop "Baleadenn" for a bicycle and kayak rental project. our company is environmentally friendly and we work hard to minimize our impact on nature by using sustainable and reusable equipment. We have also set up eco-responsible itineraries with the possibility of filling a garbage bag with waste in exchange for a cold drink, local products and discounts. Together, we have joined forces to find the right location, equipment, services and most enjoyable routes for our customers.

Partnerships with our local artisans and producers are   obviously good omens and we encourage tourist and community solidarity, moving from experiences to tastings equipped with unique know-how, you can be sure that you will not forget your stay in our beautiful region.

For cycling enthusiasts, you have bikes of all types and sizes, from city bikes, to road bikes, mountain bikes and children's bikes. You also have helmets, locks and baskets to make the bike rental experience as pleasant as possible.

For kayaking enthusiasts, we offer a range of single and double kayaks, as well as life jackets and paddles. You also have maps and information on the best biking and kayaking routes in the area.

Our bike and kayak rental business in Larmor Baden is a great addition to the local community and a great option for visitors to the area. With our quality equipment, our passionate members and our commitment to the environment, we offer an unforgettable experience to all who choose to rent a bike or a kayak with us.

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Our team




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