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Discover our local artisans and producers

We offer discovery and tasting itineraries with our partners
Visit of the parks
Sunset Pointe de Toulvern
Fruits of  Mer
Park Ivan selo
A destinationpeaceful and in harmony with our unforgettable landscapes !
Park Ivan selo
Toulvern Oyster Bar
The essential  Oyster Bar
the placewill seduce you with its charm and its
authenticity! Because nothing beats tasting our
seafood products with your feet in the water, right? ;)

Appointmenton the website :
to the rhythm of the tides.frfor all
product orders!

Kayakingwill be in the same place
for magnificent Canoe trips!
"Pointe de Toulvern and Seven Islands"
At the Rhythm of the Tidesoffers different
types of activities such as the discovery of its
oyster farms, the tasting of its products
from the sea or boat rental!

Equipped with knowledgemake unique and from a passion 
passed down from generation to generation
this team will make you travel to the heart of our Breton traditions.

Atelier Braou

Braou workshop kefirs
Madelezus beer logo
Logo Kefir Braou
Braou workshop maps
Atelier Braou started in August 2019. First and foremost a fruit kefir "brewery", today Atelier Braou specializes in fermentation processes and offers various products, such as craft beer "Madelezus" and in particular products resulting from the reuse of fruit after the fermentation of kefir.
Produced for over 2000 years, kefir, a living drink naturally rich in micro-organisms, has dietary and purifying properties and helps to strengthen the immune system. Several flavors are available and Ivan Astruc the manager will be happy to welcome you to share a good time.
Atelier Braou team
Ivan Astruc and Virginie Rampnoux
find these two craftsmen
directly to our location.

The Druids soap factory

Launched in 2022, the Druids soap factory is an example of raw material reuse because with products from the reuse of fruit after kefir fermentation,   soap making is possible. A brilliant idea that fits perfectly into an eco-responsible approach.
All soaps are made and packaged in Larmor-Baden, several soaps are available for sale.
soften your skin and revive your smile.
Viriginie Rampnoux will be happy to explain the saponification process to you.
Screenshot 2023-03-31 125127.png
Druid soap factory logo
Choice of Soap Savonnerie des druides
 druids soap factory
Druid soap factory
Creneguy oyster
Sunset at Lucien's
Come and savor our seafood in front of a magnificent sunset!
Creneguy oysters
Creneguy oyster platter
The oyster bar Chez Lucienis a unique tasting place in Larmor-Baden in the Gulf of Morbihan, where the family memory wants to be intact. With an unobstructed view of the waterfront, Chez Lucien will immerse you in a relaxing atmosphere to discover the great freshness of our seafood products. The place, whose decoration is signed Jérôme Lestoquoy, will seduce you with its simplicity and honesty. At the service, the Crénéguy crew: smiles and friendliness are on the agenda in this exceptional setting. 

Baleadenis in the same place and offers tasting partnerships after a good day of cycling or kayaking!

You can also order your oyster baskets online via the website:

Oysters elected gold medalists
Oyster and white wine platter

Chez Lucien Crénéguy oysters


Facade at Lucien
Location Baleadenn

The oasis of Baden


Baden Oasis Cottages
Baden Oasis Vegetables
Baden Oasis Shop
Baden Oasis Vegetables
Baden Oasis
The oasis of Badenis a place not to be missed for all lovers of short circuits, good local products and of course the joy of living!

come discoverthe beautiful culture of the land while letting your artistic souls speak in their art studio, 
you can also stay in their warm guest rooms!

Julie and Aymericare the founders of this magical place, a destination where knowing how to live and sharing resonates in each of the stones of their building.

Baden Oasis Art Studio
With his shopself-managed and its know-how, the oasis of Baden remains an example of eco-responsibility and solidarity,

They will bea joy to meet you and discuss their values and their love of the land.

A real little oasiswhere everyone can come and recharge their batteries.

So don't hesitate!

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