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Swamp of Pen in Toul
Pen en Toul sunset
Marsh Pen in Toul
The website ofPen-en-Toulpreserves since 1995 the largest marsh in the west of the Gulf of Morbihan. Place of fertile exchanges with marine waters, it is also a privileged stopover for migratory birds. This former arm of the sea was dammed in the middle of the 19th century, to develop salt marshes. 
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come discoverTHEMarsh of Pen en Toul by bike, with family or friends. An incomparable tranquility and a perfect place to observe the local fauna and flora.
Berder Island
Berder Passage
Berder Passage
Chateau Berder Island
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Berder's Island, more commonly known as Berder  is a small island  of 23 ha located in the department of  Morbihan (Brittany), and depending on the municipality of Larmor Baden.

True island at high tide and peninsula at low tide, Berder is connected by une submersible roadway  from 80 m to Larmor Baden.

The “Passage”, discovered at low tide, is at rising tide overwhelmed by a tidal current  even more violent, accelerated by its narrowness and by the riprap made.

Berder Island
To visitthis beautiful placen mountain biking remains the solution but
Baleadenn  recommends  to take the paths of Ile a Pied because there are many roots there and many people walk the paths, especially in summer.

However, you can leave the bikes in front of the passage de Berder at the entrance to the island.

 sept iles

Seven islands seen from the sky
Beach of the seven islands
Seven Islandsis a island Breton  (a unique island despite its name) located in the Gulf of Morbihan  and part of the municipality of baden. It belongs to an individual. You can walk around it while respecting the cultures. It is connected to the mainland by un raffle  sand submerged at tide haute. 
seven islands
seven islands water
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Kayak Baleadenn departures are at the tip of Toulvern (2min away)
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