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Terms and conditions

General conditions of bike rental:

Article 1 – The minor must present a written authorization signed by his parents or the responsible person.

Article 2 – The lessor undertakes to provide his client with a bicycle in working order, cleanliness and optimal safety.

Article 3 – The rental takes effect upon taking possession of the equipment and this for the duration provided for in the contract.

Article 4- An identity document is requested when drafting the rental contract. For power-assisted bicycles, a deposit of €1500 will be required. The deposit will be cashed in the event of damage, loss or theft.

Article 5- Only the customer whose name appears on the contract is authorized to use the bike in compliance with road safety rules. The renter is personally responsible for any traffic violation.

Article 6- A helmet can be made available free of charge on request when taking possession of the equipment. The lessor cannot be held responsible for damages related to the absence of wearing a helmet.

Article 7- The Tenant is always responsible for bodily injury and material damage that he causes when using the rented cycle in his custody (article 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code). The tenant declares to be the holder of a personal insurance, multi-risk housing type covering his liability.

Article 8- The rental amount is defined and paid at the time of the contract. No refund can be requested following a modification of the terms of the contract.

Article 9- In case of damage to the bike, the customer must return by his own means to the rental office. Any breakage related to negligence or misuse of the equipment will be invoiced according to the scale displayed.

Article 10 – The commercial court of Saint Brieuc is the only one competent for the settlement in case of disputes.

Iit is forbidden:

- to modify the rented bike,
- to carry out repairs,
- to drive on the beaches,

- to sublet,
- to transport a passenger other than a young child on the condition that an approved seat is installed,
- to extend the rental without prior agreement. Otherwise, the initial rate is applied for the duration of the rental.


General conditions of kayak/paddle rental:

Article 1: General conditions

The lessor, namely the company "Baleaden ” hereby declares to transfer custody of the equipment made available to the tenant who has read and adheres without reservation to the following general conditions:

The rental of equipment is granted for a number of people per boat and a duration specified when booking.

The rented equipment will be used for a class I calm river descent, and only in this context.


The tenant declares:

Maintain the equipment entrusted in good condition, throughout the duration of the service, so as to return it in the same condition as when it was made available.

Undertake to pay, in the event of misuse or abnormal deterioration of the equipment, the costs estimated by the rental company's repair shop.

Undertake to bring back in the same condition, his boat, vests, paddles and containers and to take charge of the reimbursement of lost or abandoned equipment as well as the costs of researching said equipment.

The lessor declares:

Be insured in this capacity against the consequences of civil liability under articles 1147 (contractual liability) and 1382 (tort liability), 1386 of the Civil Code and 1397 (articles of law annexed to these regulations). The lessor is not responsible for parked vehicles or objects entrusted to him. The lessor does not guarantee the tightness of the containers loaned, this being subject to the proper use of the users.

Be covered by liability insurance.


The lessor undertakes:

Do not rent boats to any single minor under 12 years old unless accompanied by an adult.

To inform the tenant of all of his obligations described precisely above.

The tenant undertakes for himself as well as for all the participants he represents:

That everyone knows how to swim for 25 meters and is able to immerse themselves.

That all the people he represents wear a closed buoyancy aid 

To return to the lessor in their original state, all the rented equipment.

To have subscribed to a private civil liability contract valid on the day of the rental.

Not to have any physical contraindication to the practice of the activity proposed by the company “Baleadenn”.

To respect the maximum rental duration:   8h for the day course.

To have read the regulations in force on the course, the general conditions of rental made available by the lessor.

The tenant is prohibited:

To navigate with a child under 7 years old or minimum age according to the regulations and to submit to the local administrative provisions.

To leave rubbish on the course,

To park or disembark on the banks along the course, which are private property to which access is prohibited except in cases of force majeure.

Article 2: Special conditions

The society"Baleadenn" is not responsible for the conditions under which the tenant uses his equipment. It informs the tenant of the special conditions relating to the use of the nautical equipment of which he acknowledges having been informed and undertakes to respect:

The use of equipment by children under 12 can only be done with an adult parent in the same boat or an instructor.

The use of a canoe-kayak implies a certain mastery of navigation. “Baleadenn” reserves the right to prohibit the departure of any person it deems unable to complete the course.

The tenantscirculating on routes not offered or private will do so at their own risk and peril and will not be covered by the insurance of “Baleadenn” and, consequently, will be considered solely responsible for their actions.

In the event of a delay in the provision of rented equipment, “Baleadenn” cannot be held responsible for reasons beyond its control.

In case of delay of the tenant of more than 10 minutes from the time of the appointment, and without news from the tenant, "Baleadenn" reserves the right to cancel the reservation without refund or possible postponement, or to apply an increase of 10% of the total reservation.

In case of delay of the tenant of more than 20 minutes from the time of the return of the equipment, and without news from the tenant, "Baleadenn" reserves the right to apply an increase of 10% of the total of the reservation.

Section 3:Special conditions relating to the group rental of nautical equipment

In the case of rental for a group, the obligations contained in this contract are only enforceable against its signatory. The lessee undertakes to inform the members of the group he represents of the obligations contained in the contract.

The lessor reserves the right to request a security deposit prior to taking possession of the equipment.

Clause 4: Reservation – Modification – Cancellation

Reservations are confirmed after payment of at least a deposit payable by check, holiday vouchers, bank transfer, cash or via the payment platform of the website.

Payment of the balance must be made no later than the day of the service.

Only reservations, modifications or cancellations confirmed by "Baleadenn" by telephone or email will be taken into account.

Any modification or cancellation, which could give rise to a refund or postponement, must imperatively take place more than 72 hours before the scheduled service date. Beyond this period, the reservation is final and no modification or refund will be possible.

Regarding late reservations (the same day) agreed without deposit, the equipment will not be immobilized beyond the agreed time.

Regarding minors, failure to comply with Articles 1 and 2 of these general conditions will not give rise to reimbursement beyond the 72-hour modification period mentioned above.

Regarding atmospheric conditions. In the event of "orange vigilance" which could make the activity impracticable, "Baleadenn" reserves the right to cancel and postpone the outing to a later date. (subject to availability during the current season).

In the event of "yellow vigilance", "Baleadenn" reserves the right to cancel, postpone or maintain its services depending on the local risk presented by these weather conditions.

In the event of external events beyond the control of "Baleadenn", which may make the activity impracticable, "Baleadenn" reserves the right to cancel and propose a later date (subject to availability during the current season) .

The reservation of equipment with the company "Baleadenn" implies having read the general rental conditions above and accepting all the clauses without reservation.


Kayaking/paddleboarding is prohibited for anyone who does not know how to swim, as well as for children under 7 years old. Any minor must be accompanied by a parent or a qualified canoe/kayak instructor.

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